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dr Dragan Lončar CFA

Partner and director

Born in Belgrade, Dragan Lončar completed his primary education and graduated from the Ninth Belgrade Gymnasium before obtaining a degree from the Faculty of Economics in 2001. That same year, he earned recognition as the student of the generation at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, as conferred by the University of Belgrade’s Rectorate. As a recipient of the Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund, he successfully completed master’s studies in management at the University of Cambridge (Judge Business School) in the United Kingdom in 2003. Subsequently, Dr. Lončar attained a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in 2007. His academic journey continued as a Fulbright Foundation scholar, completing postdoctoral research studies in financial management at the University of Chicago (Booth Business School) in 2009. Notably, he holds the esteemed CFA license in the field of finance.

Presently, Dr. Lončar serves as a full professor at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, where he imparts knowledge in Strategic Management, Project Management, and Risk Management at the undergraduate level. At the master’s level, he instructs courses in Business Strategy, Business Analysis, and Business Plan. Furthermore, he contributes to doctoral education by teaching Research Methodology, Economics of Strategy, and Corporate Governance. Currently occupying the role of Vice Dean for Academic and Corporate Affairs at the Faculty of Economics, Dr. Lončar assumes responsibility for the academic and collaborative endeavors for the term 2021-2024. Previously, he served as Vice Dean for Finance from 2012-2015 and Vice Dean for Corporate Affairs from 2015-2021.

With a prolific academic record, Dr. Lončar is the author or co-author of numerous scientific and professional papers, including several published papers on the SSCI list. Additionally, he has presented extensively at international and domestic scientific conferences. As a co-author of textbooks on Management and Strategy and Project Management, his areas of expertise encompass strategic management, project management, corporate finance, risk management, and antitrust compliance.

Dr. Lončar holds memberships in several distinguished academic and professional bodies, both nationally and internationally, such as the Association of Economists of Serbia, US Academy of Management, CFA Institute, European Association of Competition Economists, Cambridge Alumni, and Fulbright Alumni.

Beyond academia, Mr. Lončar has provided consultancy services for a multitude of domestic and international companies, including NIS, OMV, Lafarge, VIP Mobile, Knjaz Miloš, Novonordisk, Nectar, KWS, Coca Cola, Roche, Victoria Group, Frikom, JTI, Keprom, Philip Morris, DHL, Carnex, among others. Additionally, he has contributed his expertise to institutions such as the World Bank, UNDP, USAID, and GIZ. Mr. Lončar serves on the Supervisory Board of Metalac company, holds positions on the Management Board and Audit Committee of Intesa Bank, and presides over the Audit Committee of Wiener Stadtische. As the founder of the consulting firm Peterhof Consulting, Dr. Lončar continues to make substantial contributions to the business and academic spheres.