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Financial services

It is a known fact that all managerial decisions trickle down into a financial result. It is also known that finances are the blood flow of every firm. Expertise in the topic of corporate finance is frequently insufficient in firms. The result of this insufficiency is a shallow analysis of own and others’ financial reports, inadequate management of current assets, high costs within the value chain or an inadequate estimate of the value of own business or investment idea.

Why Peterhof?

Our key expertise is corporate finance, proven by the largest share of our references in this area. We have internally developed methodology for analyzing company financial health. We have broad experience on the topics of company valuation and investment projects. We evaluate projects based on a clearly defined assumption book as well as contemporary evaluation tools, such as the Monte Carlo simulation, real options analysis, the decision tree method, and the optimization method. Of course, we apply traditional evaluation tools as well such as static and dynamic methods. We create policies for managing supplies and receivables, which we adapt to client requests. Another important segment of our expertise is the optimization of costs within the value chain. An assumption of optimization is defining cost type, its place within the value chain and its bearer, deriving standards costs by its location and by activity as well as giving specific suggestions for optimizing certain costs. We have experience in preparing due diligence studies and in formally realizing M&A transactions, on the side of the buyer or the seller. We help companies who are entering forced financial restructuring as well as companies who are in need of a UPPR (reorganization plan). An especially strong and successful component of our consulting portfolio is the preparation of loan applications and negotiating with banks.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Analysis of company financial health
  • Investment feasibility studies and business plans
  • Setting up a system for managing receivables, supply, and cash flow
  • Optimizing cost through various phases of the values chain
  • Financial restructuring and UPPR (reorganization plan) preparation
  • Company valuation
  • Due diligence and handling M&A transactions for either the buy or the sell side
  • Preparing loan applications for clients and negotiating with banks

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