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Public-private partnership

Companies are frequently unaware of the possibility of realizing projects in partnership with state bodies. This is relevant for projects where there is an element of public interest. The relevant stakeholder in this case is the PPP commission, towards which requests are made which we can offer consultancy services for.

Why Peterhof?

Apart from the existing experience of consulting companies in PPP projects, Peterhof has advanced methodologies and knowledge for assessing risk which is in these types of projects transferred from public to private partners, this estimate being a standard part of value for money studies.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Analysis of project suitability for PPP – business endeavor suitability as well as legal requirements
  • Value for Money studies
  • An estimate of risk transferred from the public to the private partner
  • Creating project proposals for PPP projects
  • Drafting complete documentation relating to project proposals for the PPP Commission, for both PPP’s with and without an element of concession

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