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Tax advisory

Tax consulting is in expansion. Clients realize the importance of correct tax calculation and the value of smart tax optimization. This area requires constant following of relevant regulation, interpretation and deep specialization so the client can at every point have a correct and timely information of their companies’ or transactions’ tax status. 

Why Peterhof?

Guided by experience, we can help you to better understand the tax implications of decisions, to use hidden possibilities to save on taxes, to optimize the tax rate or introduce a new internal system to govern transfer prices on all organizational levels. We have a growing number of references in this area when it comes to representation before tax authorities, setting up transfer price methodology and tax optimization.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Creating a tax balance sheet
  • Harmonizing internal tax policy with the law
  • Audit and control of internal bookkeeping rules as well as tax procedures
  • Creating complaints and appeals against the minutes and decisions of tax authorities
  • Transfer price studies
  • Optimizing tax load when founding a company or when company status is changed
  • Advisory relating to double taxation of foreign entities
  • Tax planning
  • Tax due diligence as relating to M&A transactions

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