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Health economics

This area poses a special challenge due of how complex and multidisciplinary it is. The relationship between health and economics has never been more important. The population is aging, chronic illness is increasingly present, citizens are ever so demanding in regard to the expected quality of healthcare and the availability of innovative therapies and procedures, while the funds required to meet these trends are insufficient.

Why Peterhof?

We have specialized knowledge in this area and ever-increasing experience. One aspect of our knowledge is public health. We can help public health institutions improve their financial management, especially so with such issues as rational use of a limited budget, monitoring costs and investment opportunity estimations. Another aspect of our expertise lies with pharmaceutical companies. We do pharmacoeconomic studies for innovative therapies directed at the Republic Fund of Health Insurance. We map the ‘Cost of Illness’ for various therapeutical areas, through direct and indirect non-medical costs. We measure the influence of innovative therapies on ability to work, productivity and quality of life of patients. We prepare cost-benefit analyses of existing therapies and compare their effects to innovative therapies. We offer support in setting up patient-support programs.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Preparing pharmacoeconomic studies for innovative therapies
  • Social cost-benefit analysis of existing vs new therapies
  • Cost of illness studies
  • Analyzing and optimizing healthcare institution costs
  • Analyzing the impact innovative therapies have on patient productivity and quality of life
  • Designing and setting up patient support programs

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