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Economic analysis

Experience shows that clients increasingly frequently need in-depth economic analyses and studies. These are national and local strategic documents, macroeconomic predictions, sector or market analyses, analyses of company socio-economic impact on its environment or analyses pertaining to foreign investor requirements.

Why Peterhof?

We have a team with a solid knowledge base in fundamental economics and econometrics. We have worked on a significant number of macro, meso and micro economic analyses for companies, local governments and supranational investors.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Preparing national strategy documents
  • Local economic development strategic documents
  • Market research and market potential assessment
  • Sector/industry studies
  • Value for money studies
  • Studies of company socio-economic impact
  • Social cost-benefit studies
  • Economic court expert witness services
  • Preparing complete documentation for investors applying for Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) funds

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