When planning the future, a company can be sure of two things, change and uncertainty. The number one topic for each owner and director is strategy. Our experience tells us that many companies do not have a clear business strategy. Even when strategy as a document exists, it is not clear how companies apply the defined strategy and how its success is measured. 

Why Peterhof?

We have rich experience in creating and implementing strategic plans of companies from different industries, such as: agriculture, food processing, energy, construction, IT, production of durable consumer goods, pharmacy, tourism, trade.

Practice has shown the most efficient way to formulate and implement corporate and business strategy to be a Balanced Scorecard, based on using multiple strategic analysis tools such as PESTEL, SWOT, Porter’s analysis, portfolio analysis, benchmarking, value chain analysis, core competence analysis and financial gap analysis. Based on strategic analysis, company vision is defined, with strategic goals proceeding from this vision. Goals of the company are shown on a strategic map from four perspectives (financial, market, operational and developmental). Each strategic goal is specified through measures of success, tasks, initiatives, budget and responsible persons. We have developed a software tool that follows the realization of specific strategic goals in real time as well as their cascading onto the lower hierarchy levels of the company. Our goal is for the strategy to be operationally applicable in accordance with Drucker’s quote: ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’.

Based on the set strategy, we can help construct objective performance management. The goal is for the company to have a ‘single source of truth’, that is to know who produced worthwhile results and who did not. Likewise, a clear and transparent rewards system for managers and employees should be created based on the quantified results.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Creating a long-term corporate strategy plan
  • Creating a strategic map and a list of harmonized company goals
  • Setting up a performance management system (cascading goals and KPIs)
  • Forming a fixed-variable rewards system

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