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An adequately set organizational structure is a precursor for efficiently realized internal processes. Experience tells us that a frequent problem of some of our clients is the transformation form an entrepreneurial into a corporate form. Companies grow too quickly, but are supported by insufficiently strong organizational, financial and human capital infrastructure. Owners feel a need for resetting and consolidating the organization in order to enter a new growth phase. Many companies are unable to do this transformation alone, as it often entails setting up a new corporate governance model and serious market, financial, human capital and organizational restructuring. There is a second group of clients who realize that the existing organizational model is not good enough, and that they need a new map of macro and micro processes, a different systematization of workplaces, a new standardization of workplaces as well as new and corrected existing internal policies and procedures.

Why Peterhof?

We have experience with the organizational restructuring of companies of various size and in various phases within the life cycle. Creating an improved organizational model requires starting from defined strategic priorities. We analyze the existing ‘as-is’ model, define the ‘to-be’ macro model and analyze the gaps between the current and the future model. The key step is to overcome the gaps through suggesting a new model of corporate governance, drawing organizational schemes, mapping macro and micro processes, preparing RACI matrices, improving the systematization of workplaces and establishing a new standardization of workplaces. If necessary and if internal client capacity is insufficient, we begin writing key policies and procedures (e.g.: financial policy, commercial policy, credit risk management policy etc.).

Apart from standard consulting services in the area of organizational structuring, we offer services of setting up crisis management and risk management. This entails setting up a business continuity planning frame, stress test creation, risk register creation as well as setting up an organizational device with an RM function within the company.

Finally, we have a lot of experience in the segment of setting up a financial management and control system in the public sector.

What type of services do we offer in this segment?

  • Setting up a corporate governance model
  • Defining a macro and micro-organizational structure
  • Mapping macro and micro processes
  • Preparing RACI matrices
  • Systemizing and standardizing workplaces
  • Writing internal policies and procedure
  • Setting up crisis management
  • Setting up risk management based on the COSO ERM framework
  • Setting up a financial management and control system in the public sector

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